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Marsala - 7 CM taller

€189 €250


Delivery time: 3 working days

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Height 7.5CM 

COLOUR & MATERIAL: Blue, Genuine Leather

IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED, WE WILL REFUND YOU: if the shoes do not fit, we will refund you immediately

Step into confidence with the Marsala - 7.5CM Taller shoes. Crafted from genuine blue leather, these elegant shoes are designed for the modern man who wants to make a lasting impression. Whether you're heading to a business meeting or a special ceremony, these shoes will elevate your style and stature, giving you an extra 7.5CM of height without anyone noticing the hidden lift.

The Marsala shoes seamlessly blend sophistication and functionality. The internal rise is expertly concealed, ensuring that your secret to added height remains just that—a secret. Perfectly paired with elegant trousers, these shoes are your go-to for any formal occasion, providing you with the confidence boost you need to stand tall and proud.

Experience the beauty of added height with the Marsala - 7.5CM Taller shoes. Designed for those important moments in life, these shoes offer a discreet yet effective way to enhance your presence. Step up your game and enjoy the benefits of looking and feeling taller, all while maintaining an impeccable sense of style.

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