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Morgex - 7CM PIÙ ALTO

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HEIGHT: 7CM (Totally invisible to external eyes)

DESCRIPTION: The Morgex shoe is the elevated boot made for the winter season. Its black colour gives the shoe an excellent balance between elegance and style. It can be worn in your daily life in the city, both during working days and in your free time. The raised insole is completely hidden inside the shoes. It is impossible to notice with external eyes.

WHEN TO WEAR THESE SHOES: These shoes are one of the most stylish and elegant models in our inventory. Thanks to the insole, you can be 7CM taller. We use this model often in the evening during a nice outing with friends, or at work, when we want to dress classy and be at our full potential. The shoe is designed to be taller while maintaining comfort and a natural posture. Our customers have tried them and couldn't do without them!

MATERIAL AND COLOUR: Genuine leather, colour black

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