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Phone number: Tel: +39 333 584 8471

Email: info@matassamilano.com


We are a group of young guys with a great passion for shoes.

Matassa is the first brand of elevating shoes for men in Italy. As good Genoese, the idea was born in a small Ligurian town, Camogli. The aim of this project is to give every man the chance to feel more comfortable in life with a few extra inches of height.

Our shoes, in fact, allow you to be up to 7.5CM taller. This is possible thanks to a hidden heel inside the shoe. The inner heel is impossible to see from the outside and we have designed the shoe to be totally discreet. No one will notice!

Furthermore, convinced of the extraordinary nature of our product, we work on a satisfied or reimbursed basis.

If you have any questions, write to info@matassamilano.com or call us on +39 349 709 9441